Online Courses

My PT Education brings you online courses that Antony has run for years. By having them accessible online, you will be able to learn the content at your pace, discuss your questions on the forum, and decide for yourself whether you should attend the courses in person...because some things are best experienced in person!


In-Person Courses

Completing the course in person adds depth...and you can still access online content.  Antony runs a variety of in-person free, by-donation, and paid courses on a variety of topics. Look for the events in the event calendar (coming soon) and start planning on how you will get there. if you would like to be a host, send Antony an email using the contact form at the bottom of the page.



Antony provides mentoring for health and fitness professionals. The program is still being finalised but will take you through Anatomy, Assessment, Diagnosis/Classification and Treatment Options - obviously this will be made appropriate depending on your profession. 


E-Learning Portal

With My PT Education, you get a lot powerful features to start your online learning.

  • Free and Paid courses online
  • In-Person Courses Booked Online
  • Forum Access for Interactive learning
  • Quizzes and/or Assignments to consolidate learning
  •  Unique Code on Completion Certificates
  • Mentoring Programs
  •  Earn Commissions Online as an Affiliate

About My PT Education

We are a group of passionate healthcare professionals hoping to influence the health and fitness world and educate the public on a diverse range of topics.

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The Physio Detective Website

Antony Lo owns My PT Education. He is also known as The Physio Detective. He has over 200 posts and lots of free information there.

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