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My PT Education aims to bring you high quality online education at an affordable price. 

There are FREE course and e-book options that will be coming very soon. These will provide you with a great introduction to the topics you are interested in and will be useful and practical.

There are paid courses and e-book options. These go into greater depth and use a variety of audio, video, photographs, slides and practical examples for your learning style. These courses allow you to take your time in going through the material.

Seminars are held around Australia and other countries.

These present the best opporutntiies to learn the concepts and ask questions as they arise.  

Make use of the forum. There are free sections but the good stuff will be going on behind the scenes for members

Each course will come with a completion certificate and unique identifying number.

The courses will be submitted for continuing education credits where appropriate.

The courses will contain quizzes to help consolidate your learning.

By focusing on the key learning objectives, these quizzes will ensure you get the main points presented in each unit.

A mentoring program for health and fitness professionals is being developed. This process is accessed via a monthly program of drip fed activities.

There will be 2 levels of mentoring for health professionals and 2 levels of mentoring for fitness professionals. The difference will be the amount of input you have from your mentor.





Our educators have experience in teaching, coaching and treating patients. To find out more about each instructor, please click on their profile picture below

Antony Lo Profile Picture

Antony Lo [ Physiotherapist ]


Brendan Clarke Physio CrossFit Coach

Brendan Clarke [ Physiotherapist ]


Lana Ceic Physio Pilates

Lana Ceic [ Physiotherapist ]


Hubert Hunyh Physio Dragonboat

Hubert Huynh [ Physiotherapist ]


About My PT Education

We are a group of passionate healthcare professionals hoping to influence the health and fitness world and educate the public on a diverse range of topics.

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The Physio Detective Website

Antony Lo owns My PT Education. He is also known as The Physio Detective. He has over 200 posts and lots of free information there.

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