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Stop Hurting Women With Exercise is a 90mins talk given by Antony Lo The Physio Detective to a group of health and fitness professionals at the 2016 Women’s Health and Fitness Summit. This course is provided with a single 90mins video and PDF handout of the slides.

The 5 key points that health and fitness professionals are doing to hurt wome are:
1. Promoting Weakness
2. Keeping It Comfortable
3. Focus On The “Core”
4. Creating Fear
5. Training Women Using Male Templates

The 5 Solutions proposed are:
1. Promoting Strength
2. Keeping It Relatively Intense
3. Focus on Movement Quality
4. Creating Confidence
5. Train Women Using Female Templates


Course Curriculum

Stop Hurting Women With Exercise – WHFS 2016 90mins Presentation 01:30:00

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