Mythbusting and How to Apply That To Your Clients

The Art Greets Science In Motion 3hr Class, presents the collaboration between two experienced and evidence based Australian physiotherapists, who have modified and distilled their thought processes and clinical practice to encompass Bio-Psycho-Social principles.

This course was presented at the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit at the end of 2017. It seeks to mythbust and challenge biases and belief systems originating from the heavily entrenched posturo-biomechanical approach. Concepts such as core stability, mechanical diagnosis and most importantly the why and how of how things actually work (or dont work) are challenged.

This is not a “product” aimed at being a part of a compulsory ongoing training system but more of a “jam session” between two very different clinicians, who after reading the research, have come from completely different angles to the same conclusions. Most importantly they have been able to amalgamate their clinical applications. Designed to be highly clinically relevant, research supported motion and exercise applications are presented, suitable for use the next working day in client populations ranging from persistent pain to athletic conditioning.

The two practical sessions which are included help to illustrate how both Antony and Robin work in a biopsychosocial model using motion and exercise to help the client achieve their goals.

Doing this course will not only stimulate you intellectually but give you practical ideas on how to help your clients immediately.