Diastasis Reframed

A practical, interactive approach to Reframing Diastasis Rectus Abdominis is taken. The content is clinically relevant, practical and based on the most recent research.

With Antony Lo

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Diastasis Reframed


Upon completion of this course, participants will learn how to:

  • Evaluate Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (DRA) using a biopsychosocial framework
  • Construct a person-centered approach to the assessment and management of a person with DRA
  • Develop a systematic process to reframing what Diastasis Rectus Abdominis means from a theoretical and clinical perspective


Have you noticed just how HOT diastasis is right now?! Everyone has a program or course or book to sell about it..including me! The problem is that people managing Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (DRA) are confused because there are so many mixed messages floating around out there.

I have found that taking a step back and focusing on the key principles of assessment and management allows us to see the “problem” of DRA differently. By challenging the assumptions which help form our Beliefs, Attitudes, Meaning, and Story (BAMS), we are able to see how these BAMS affect our behaviour – the language we use, the choices we make and the advice we give. By reframing what having DRA means, we have a chance of changing the experience for millions of women

Traditional approaches to Diastasis Rectus Abdominis is to try to remember as much of the anatomy as possible, learn how to isolate different muscles, breathe differently, and perform low level exercises…and whilst this may work for many, there are many who struggle with this.

In this course, a practical, interactive approach to Reframing Diastasis Rectus Abdominis is taken. The content is clinically relevant, practical and based on the most recent research.

Are you ready to approach DRA differently? Are you ready to leave the fear and complexity behind? If so, then this is the course for you!


What practitioners are saying

What participants are saying

“Great course! I went from being confused and uncertain about how to help my patients with diastasis to hopeful and more confident in providing person-centred management strategies” Anne-Marie Mougeot, Osteopathic Practitioner & Kinesiologist/Exercise Therapist, Canada

“DRAM research and previous courses had left me feeling confused, frustrated and uneasy.  After completing Diastasis Reframed I feel re-energised and empowered to in turn empower my patients” TC, Pelvic Physiotherapist, Australia

“This course is not like many others.  For starters it is not a tutor speaking over a powerpoint presentation…but an interactive discussion following a live online consult.  You get to hear all the conversations, the thoughts, the questions and how Antony responds.  There is space to think outside the box and question previous knowledge.  This course has 100% made me feel more confident in working with everyone differently.” DB, UK

“This is a course that will take you the opposite direction of the “cook-book recipe” approach to DRA.  It will help you think “outside the box” and question why you are doing what you do, why are you prescribing certain exercises as a HEP? Why are you assessing and addressing DRA?  Why and when does DRA matter? It is not for you if you are not ready to truly embrace a Biopsychosocial approach in your learning and your teaching.  It is a true game-changer and has already changed my practice, freeing me of some of our dogmatic approach to Physical Therapy.”  Karen Weeks, Pelvic Physiotherapist, USA

Hours of Content

There is just over 10.5 hours of content in this course, plus bonus videos.

Your Instructor

Antony Lo

Australian Physiotherapy Association Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. Master in Manual Therapy (UWA) B.App.Sc (Physio)(USyd)
Antony is an experienced physiotherapist from Australia that works at the junction of Musculoskeletal, Sports and Pelvic Health treatment, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement. He has been practicing since 1997 and successfully built 2 private practices in Sydney before founding My PT Education in 2008. Antony completed his post-graduate Master in Manual Therapy (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy) from the University of Western Australia and commenced his Specialisation training in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. He is a passionate educator whilst still being an active therapist. Antony co-hosts the Women's Health Podcast and is founder of #TheDiastasisProject. He has experience participating and coaching a range of sports and has been a consultant for a number of different types of elite sports athletes of all ages. Antony's passion is working in a way that combines his experience in coaching, education and being a Physiotherapist, combining the knowledge from the fields of Physiotherapy, Strength and Conditioning, and Women's Health Research to provide a practical, realistic holistic model of care balancing the biopsychosocial model of healthcare with the best of historical assessment and management approaches. He goes by @physiodetective and his catchphrase is "DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT". Antony has a wife and 3 beautiful children in the best city in the world - Sydney, Australia! Find out more about Antony by clicking "Explore - Our Teaching Staff"

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