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For too long in the health and fitness industry, clients have been instructed rather than consulted. They’ve been treated as patients rather than partners. In reality, the journey to health and wellness is a collaborative one. It’s time to start treating it that way.

In the free “From Guru to Guide” mini-series, you’ll learn how to better understand your clients’ needs and put them back in the driver’s seat. How? Let’s take a look.  

The “From Guru to Guide” mini-series curriculum touches on three key points in three parts:

1. Are You Delivering Client-Directed Care?

At the end of the day, it’s all about the client. As a result, your model of care needs to be centred around them. What do they want? What do they need? What are their goals and how can you empower them to get there?

In this section, we’ll take a hard look at the existing approach to client care. If you’ve been in the health and fitness industry for a while, you probably already know what we’re talking about: people are being diagnosed and simply told how we (and sometimes, they) are going to fix their problems. In this passive and patriarchal approach, the client has very little involvement and sometimes very little success in achieving symptomatic relief.

But that ends here. 

By completing part 1 of the “From Guru to Guide” mini-series, you’ll learn how to partner with your clients and involve them in the decision-making process. By doing so, you’ll not only empower your clients, but you’ll take the pressure off yourself to have all the answers. You’ll take the first step in transforming from fixer to trusted consultant. 

2. What Are Your Clients’ BAMS & Why Is It Important?

In the second instalment, we’ll focus on the importance of asking questions and listening. Rather than speaking at people, prioritise hearing from them first. This is the best way to learn about the issues they’re facing and how you can work with them to find individualised solutions.

A key ingredient in discovering effective solutions together is establishing your clients’ BAMS – their beliefs, attitudes, meanings and stories. By asking questions and pinpointing your clients’ BAMS, you’ll gain a better understanding of where they’re coming from and where they’re hoping to go. From there, together you can address their concerns directly.

Upon completing this section of the mini-series, you’ll have stronger strategies for getting to know your clients. In turn, they’ll feel more confident entrusting you with their care. 

3. What Questions Can You Ask to Move from Guru to Guide?

Now you understand what BAMS are and why they’re so important in guiding your clients to better health. But you may still be wondering: what questions can I ask to find my clients’ BAMS? Well, wonder no more. That’s precisely what we cover in the third and final section of “From Guru to Guide.”

We’ll outline some of the best questions you can ask to prioritise the client and their BAMS every step of the way. We’ll also provide you with strategic questions that help involve the client in the problem-solving component of your session. With these tools, you’ll understand their background, what they’re willing to try and what they’re hoping to achieve. Finally, we’ll teach you which questions to ask to effectively close the session and optimise the client’s learning.

Who Is This Course For? 

Any and all health and fitness professionals are welcome (and encouraged) to participate in the “From Guru to Guide” mini-series. Whether you’re a personal trainer/coach, a physical therapist/physiotherapist, a nutritionist or anything in-between, the concepts explored in this enlightening course can help you deliver better customised care to your clients. 

Not a member of the health and fitness industry yet? No problem! Maybe you’re considering switching career paths and getting involved in this sector. Maybe you suffer from your own health issues and you’re simply curious on how to become more involved in your wellness plan. Whatever the case, we believe that everyone can benefit from the takeaways of “From Guru to Guide.”

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