Checklist Of Suggested Technology To Be Used

  1. Gmail Email Account
    1. This is because the paid feedback happens on the GSuite ecosystem for Antony
    2. It is not necessary if you won't be using Google Drive or Youtube
  2. Google Drive linked to Gmail Account
    1. This is more for paid, private feedback option.
    2. It is not necessary if you have other ways of saving your data to the cloud
  3. YouTube Account linked to Gmail Account
    1. YouTube is still the most popular video platform but things like IGTV and Facebook Video are becoming more popular
  4. Camera
    1. Your mobile phone is most convenient
    2. Can use cameras, camcorders, or action cameras if you wish
    3. It is assumed you know how to gain access to these photos and videos
    4. Film in widescreen as much as possible. The only exception is for Instagram / IGTV, Facebook and YouTube where you are expecting your audience to watch on their phones.
  5. Logo
    1. If you don't have a logo, just use your name or go to Upwork or Fiverr and get one made cheaply
  6. Access to Presentation Software
    1. Keynote for Mac (Free)
    2. Powerpoint for Mac or Windows (Costs money)
    3. Google Slides works well as an online solution (Free)
  7. Access to Word Processing Software
    1. Pages for Mac
    2. Word for Mac or Windows
    3. Text editor for Mac or Windows
    4. Note taking app on your phone
    5. Google Docs
      1. You will be cutting and pasting your work into Google Docs
      2. You can type directly into Google Docs
  8. Access to Video Analysis software
    1. Hudl Technique (Free and paid options)
    2. Coach's Eye (Costs money and paid options)
  9. Access to Video Editing software
    1. iMovie for Mac (Free)
    2. iMovie for iPhone (Free)
    3. Kinemaster (Free for Android with paid options)
    4. Windows Movie Maker for PCs (Free)
    5. Adobe Premiere Pro (Costs money and is expensive unless you need all the options)
    6. Assorted apps on Android or iPhone
  10. Access to a good quality Mic
    1. I use
      1. Yeti Blue USB Mic for my computer/podcasting/voice recordings,
      2. Røde wired mic for iPhone
      3. Sennheiser wireless lapel mic for presenting and recording to my main video camera for recording seminars
      4. My iPhone earphones with mic is still better than the mic inside the computer...
    2. Use whatever you need to, have access to or can afford.
      1. Ebay and Amazon are great sources of cheaper equipment to try
  11. Intro / Outro Video and Music
    1. You can make your own
      1. is one suggested by Chloe Pedley on this program
      2. You can make one in one of the video apps using a photo and words
    2. You can go to UpWork or Fiverr and get one made cheaply
    3. Add music that is either royalty-free or one you have permission to use
  12. Royalty-Free Images and Videos
    1. (Free)
    2. (Free)
    3. (Free)
    4. (Free)
    5. (Free)
    6. Adobe Stock Photos (Paid)
    7. Dreamstime (Paid)
    8. iStock Photos (Paid)
    9. Getty Images (Paid)
  13. Ideal Technology That Antony Uses and Recommends (no financial benefit is gained from these recommendations)
    1. Apple Products
      1. I decided to change from PC to Apple in 2015 because it was taking too long on Windows 10 and Windows 7 to get any work done on my computers. The Apple ecosystem allows easy transfer of files and has inbuilt apps of high quality that allow me to do basically everything I need. I went from being unable to produce an online course to sitting down for a solid week and knocking up an online course and building a website to support it. The money was worth it.
      2. MacBook Pro i7 (Hyperthreading allows multitasking)(Antony has an rMBP 2015 16Gb of RAM)
      3. iPhone 7s or higher (Antony currently has an iPhone X)
    2. Other Products
      1. I recommend a high level processor to process your videos
      2. Choose something which can let you access your files across your devices