Pelvic Health & The Equestrian: Widening the Lens on the Rider's Seat

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With Teresa Waser

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Pelvic Health & The Equestrian: Widening the Lens on the Rider's Seat

In the saddle, equestrians communicate with their horse through their pelvis.  Along with their hands, legs, and voice, their seat is vital to equestrian performance.  Unfortunately, significant challenges can arise within the pelvis that can interfere with riding ability and enjoyment, and potentially influence how the horse responds.  Pelvic concerns can also impact riders beyond the saddle.  Pelvic pain, leaking, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, and impaired pelvic floor muscle function can all factor in.

Join pelvic health physiotherapist, horse lover, and international educator, Teresa Waser, for this 2hr recorded seminar that’s sure to provide insight and thought provocation around pelvic health in equestrians.  Learn why pelvic health matters in equestrian sport, what can go awry, and what we can do to help optimize this crucial region of connection between the rider and their horse.

If you’re an equestrian yourself, an equine professional, or a clinician or fitness professional who works with equestrians, this knowledge-packed seminar is NOT to be missed!

This Presentation will cover:

– Why pelvic health matters in equestrian sport

– The pelvis as part of a system: factors within and beyond the pelvis that can impact equestrian performance

– A brief review of relevant anatomy

– The interconnections between rider, horse, saddle/tack, and environment

– The influence of fear, threat, and stress on the pelvis and how this may show up in equestrians

– Pelvic health considerations for the young rider thru to the postmenopausal rider

– The influence of rider symmetry & pelvic mobility on the horse

– Tips to improve pelvic health overall, including bowel and bladder considerations

– And a question & answer period from the live audience

What people said about this course

“This was really helpful both as a rider and as a trainer of young riders :)”

“This was so wonderful, Teresa!!!”

“Thanks so much Teresa.  Really helpful to be able to discuss some pelvic symptoms to the riders/equestrians that come into the gym.  Much appreciated

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