Reframing Resistance Training Across The Lifespan - LIVE - June 2021

With Antony Lo, Teresa Waser

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Reframing Resistance Training Across The Lifespan - LIVE - June 2021

This live, 10-hour course is designed for healthcare and fitness professionals who are looking to expand their understanding and application of resistance training across the lifespan.

This continuing education course is targeted to healthcare and fitness professionals including physiotherapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, athletic therapists, coaches, and personal trainers.

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Saturday June 19 & Sunday June 20  @ 3:00 – 8:00 PM EST
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Sunday June 20 & Monday June 21 @ 5:00-10:00 AM AEST


Saturday June 19 & Sunday June 20  @ 8:00 PM – 1:00 AM BST

Where: From the comfort of your favorite armchair.

How: All you need to take this live, online course is a Zoom account. We encourage you to sign up for your free Zoom account before the first session. You will receive your Zoom meeting link two weeks before the course begins.


Upon completion of this course, participants will learn:

  • Identify and examine common beliefs while debunking myths regarding the safe application of resistance training across the lifespan.
  • Review the evidence surrounding resistance training in various age groups and amidst various comorbidities
  • Establish understanding of the principles of SAID (specific adaptation to imposed demands) and progressive overload: what they are and how you can apply them across various clinical situations and practice settings – whether it’s the clinic, the gym, or across your screen on telehealth
  • Demonstrate application of strength and conditioning principles through a combination of case studies and/or live interactive demonstrations.
  • Learn how we can move off the treatment table and past the Theraband when indicated
  • Experience resistance training scaling options within your own body to see how varying the HOW of exercise can change your own experience.
  • Discuss application of resistance training for those with persistent pain, pelvic health considerations and those with fear avoidance while upholding client autonomy
  • Practice resistance training programming for various special cases
  • Learn how to coach various modifications of push, pull, squat, lift, and carry exercises.


What if your beliefs, however well intentioned, were actually holding your clients back?  Have you ever wanted to move beyond the Theraband and off the treatment table but not quite sure how?  Or perhaps you feel well versed in strength & conditioning but have struggled with confidently applying those principles in complex cases and those with comorbidities?  What if you could feel empowered in applying resistance training appropriately across the lifespan – from youth and through the multiple life transitions to end of life. 

Join us on this 2 day, 10hr live online practical and interactive course that will help you examine and challenge your biases while becoming more confident in reframing and applying resistance training across the lifespan.

You will learn: how to appropriately scale resistance training to match the needs and goals of varied clients, the evidence that debunks many of the myths surrounding resistance training in particular age groups, specific considerations for resistance training throughout youth, pregnancy & postpartum, peri & postmenopausal, older adults and those with co-morbidities including pelvic health concerns, osteoporosis and more.  You will also learn how to coach various modifications of push, pull, squat, lift, and carry exercises so that you are empowered to start applying your learning on Monday morning in your practice setting.


Teresa Waser, Physiotherapist

Teresa Waser is a passionate educator who is driven to help healthcare and fitness professionals reignite their curiosity, challenge what they believe, and strive towards a truly biopsychosocial approach. She has special interests in strength and conditioning, particularly in older adults and those with pelvic health concerns, diastasis recti, pain, and women’s health across the lifespan. She developed TIIPPSS-FC, a framework to facilitate change in the way that we help people with pain, pelvic health issues, and performance. She is experienced in teaching her own content, providing mentorship, and has worked alongside Antony Lo, assisting in course development and co-teaching on several of his courses, along with their new joint course, Reframing Resistance Training Across the Lifespan. Teresa is an orthopaedic and pelvic health physiotherapist who completed her MScPT from the University of Alberta in 2006. She also owns RX Physiotherapy, a non-traditional clinic based out of a CrossFit gym in Leduc, Canada, where she blends her experiences as physio, coach, and educator to empower people of all ages to achieve their goals in athletics and life. She has coached running, as well as CrossFit for kids through to older adults. She is a mother of 3 (including twins) and loves lifting heavy and running trails.

Antony Lo, Physiotherapist

Antony Lo is a physiotherapist from Australia and runs The Physio Detective service and My PT Education. He earned his degree from the University of Sydney and has been in practice over 23 years (old enough to see old things come back as new things!). He completed his post-graduate Master in Manual Therapy (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy) from the University of Western Australia and commenced his Specialisation training in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

He has been working at the junction of Musculoskeletal, Sports Rehab and Performance, and Women’s Health for his whole career. He has experience participating and coaching a range of sports and has been a consultant for a number of different types of elite sports athletes of all ages. Antony’s passion is working in a way that combines his experience in coaching, education, and being a Physiotherapist, combining the knowledge from the fields of Physiotherapy, Strength and Conditioning, Business, Psychology, and the Arts and Sciences.

He has developed a model of treatment that utilises the best from Sports Science, Musculoskeletal/Sports Physiotherapy, Pain Science, and Women’s Health research to provide a practical, realistic holistic model of care balancing the biopsychosocial model of healthcare with the best of historical assessment and management approaches. 

Reframing Resistance Training Across The Lifespan - LIVE - June 2021

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