The Female Athlete - Level 2

Do Something Different

With Antony Lo

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The Female Athlete - Level 2

This course will run LIVE and online over 4 days on TWO CONSECUTIVE WEEKENDS (5 hours each day including breaks)

Location: Live & Online in your own home

Prerequisite: The Female Athlete – Level 1

Audience: Health (Physios, Chiros, Osteos, MDs, etc) and Fitness Professionals (Trainers, Coaches, etc)

It will be fully interactive with lots of opportunities to ask questions. You will need access to a computer and wi-fi (you can use a phone, but the quality and interaction may be affected).The live course will also be recorded and available for one month. This will include access to any additional resources for the course.You will have access to any pre-course reading/assumed knowledge upon enrolment and the slides and resources will be issued at least one week prior to course commencement.

About the course: You’ve completed The Female Athlete Course – Level 1. You loved the material and have been Doing Something Different with your clients. Now you want to take the next step and learn more about how to help your female athletes – from assessment, to the principles which guide how you help your client.

The Female Athlete Course – Level 1 has always had 3 key objectives:

  • To raise awareness of women’s pelvic health issues in women who want to use moderate to high intensity means to achieve their goals
  • To raise awareness of how exercise can be used to help women with pelvic heath issues (and diastasis).
  • To raise awareness of our language in a biopsychosocial framework – to reduce fear and promote empowerment of women managing their own issues

The Female Athlete – Level 2 course will carry those same 3 key objectives and dive deeper into the following:

Evidence review – brief points – studies included – on the following topics
Ante-Natal and Post-Natal Exercise

Consult Principles
Intake skills and communication
Planning your assessment
Conducting Your Assessment
Session Summary for your client

Exercise Principles for women with PFD/DRAM/AN/PN
Group Classes

Exercise Modifications By Principles 
Review of Lower Body and Abs from Level 1
Upper body Examples
Olympic Lifting Movements

Helpful and unhelpful beliefs and treatments and what to do about them
Dealing with myths and how to change beliefs of both the professional and client
How to work as a professional who was trained in lots of different ways
How to reframe what your “toolbox” looks like

Antony and his team are very excited to bring this course to you and hope you are just as excited as they are in taking part. We look forward to seeing you in this course. Book now to secure your place!


  • Experience exercise in a group setting at moderate to high intensity 
  • To share and discuss the issues we are facing with our clients
  • To have the key principles from Level 1 reviewed and the latest evidence about SUI/POP/DRAM/antenatal and postnatal conditions as it relates to female athletes/exercise.
  • To learn key principles of assessment, management, and exercise
  • To develop a framework to integrate these principles to begin making changes to participants’ interactions with their clients – both one-on-one and in group class settings
  • To observe, audit and discuss 4 consultations during the weekend
  • To develop practical ways of integrating previous education with current evidence
  • To utilize a reflection sheet in relation to case studies to help participants continue to change in their interactions with their clients
  • To develop new professional relationships and reinforce existing ones

The Female Athlete - Level 2

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