The Peak Simplicity Foundations Course

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The Peak Simplicity Foundations Course

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***Warning – this course is not for everyone. If you are comfortable and happy with what you are doing and don’t want to examine why you are successful, then this course is NOT for you! This course is challenging and only those who are open and willing to change should take this course.***

Have you ever wondered why some of your clients get better when they shouldn’t?

What about those who aren’t getting better and they are doing everything correctly and you have done everything as you have been taught to do?

Have you ever thought “that doesn’t make sense” to things you hear or see or are taught?

I have found that when I talk health and fitness professionals just like you, most of the them tell me that they have these thoughts and feelings but are concerned that their patients/clients/educators/mentors/colleagues/students will think they are incompetent! “Imposter Syndrome” is alive and well in health and fitness!

What if you aren’t “crazy”? What if your ideas are actually accurate and those around aren’t seeing the problem?

That’s what this course is about – it’s about laying the foundations for changing yourself, the experience of your clients and ultimately, changing your profession!

My story is similar to so many others – doing very well, learning through continuing education courses all the time, and helping a lot of people…but not everyone was getting better like they should…and people were getting better despite the fact I did a technique incorrectly or they didn’t do their homework but something else instead. I even heard from people who didn’t get better with me and got better with someone else who did far less sophisticated therapy than I do…I was surprised and confused!

All of this led me on a 3 year journey to change the way I worked and thought about the way I think, learn, assess, and provide management for the people who come to see me.

I wanted to condense the thinking part of my change into something you can do at your own pace, to take your time with the reflection questions and really try to think of specific examples in your life to apply the principles taught in this course.

This course is exactly what you need if you are keen to start thinking about your work differently so you can serve and help those who see you even better than you do now!

This course is for health and fitness professionals who want to feel confident in being able to challenge their educators, mentors, colleagues, and students.

This course will help you take future courses with Antony and really get the most out of your investment in time and money.

If you want to be as evidenced-based as possible, then sign up now and be prepared for the challenges ahead.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, you will be able to

  • Think about your way of thinking, learning, assessing and managing your clients and interactions with others
  • Identify different models of healthcare including the ones you were taught and work with
  • Review and reflect on they way you work with clients and interact with your colleagues, educators, mentors, and students
  • Change the way you evaluate the mountain of information available and follow a principle-based process to integrate new knowledge into how you work
  • Determine the next steps in your professional development

Structure of the Course:

  • Introduction
    • The course uses Teachable as the Learning Platform – therefore you can access your course via your computer, tablet or phone with iPhone users having a special app via the App Store.
    • The lectures are delivered via video with an audio option included so you can listen via the App or web browser – over 3hrs of Video/Audio Content!
    • Google Forms are used throughout for the optional reflection questions so you can fill them in and they will be automatically emailed to you for your review later on.
    • A full handout with the slides and notes is included in PDF format
    • A quiz is provided at the end of each lesson to ensure you understand the most important points from the lesson.
    • The course is structured so that you complete each lesson before progressing to the next one.
  • Modules
    • There are 7 modules
      • Thinking about the course
      • Thinking about the person
      • Thinking about the problem
      • Thinking about your thinking
      • Thinking about the person again
      • Thinking about the next logical step
    • Each module has
      • Video (or Audio) Content
      • Reflection Questions via Google Forms (Optional but very beneficial and highly recommended to be completed!)
      • A graded Quiz
    • Feedback and Course Certificate
      • A course certificate is provided when you have completed the course

The Peak Simplicity Foundations Course

USD $100

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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