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Welcome to The Physio Detective Way Mentoring Program!

You have made a great decision and will come to truly appreciate what freedom feels like when you Do Something Different, use Peak Simplicity (Formerly known as The Physio Detective Way) and begin to teach others to do the same - not just empowering your clients but other health and fitness professionals as well!

This program is a little different because it starts with thinking about your thinking and your current beliefs and challenging you to identify areas you currently have bias and beliefs which may not actually be based on good quality evidence.

Once the first 3 weeks are over, you get to then turn those critical thinking skills onto the rest of the content as we progress through the assessment and management of a client.

Program Specifics

In this section, you will find all the information you need to help complete this program in the way that you want to.

Lecture Material

Please go through each of the lectures in this section to ensure you understand the intent of each weekly assessment task and the format I am expecting to receive it in (if you are submitting for specific feedback).

Submission guidelines are also included in each section below. These will need to be followed if you are sending assessment tasks for specific feedback.

Assessment Tasks

This program was originally designed for everyone to complete all sections of the homework. This proved to be too much of a time commitment even though the value of doing everything was apparent. Therefore, I have broken the homework up into "streams". The streams are:

  1. Professional Stream - For the participant who wants to get better at what they are doing with their clients.
  2. Social Media (Video) Stream - For the participant who wants to improve their online presence using video content.
  3. Social Media (Blog) Stream - For the participant who wants to improve their online presence using written content.
  4. The Complete Program Stream - For the participant who wants to do it all!

All the assessment tasks are OPTIONAL. For making it through the course, you will get a Certificate of Participation. This is based on the lectures and answering quizzes about the lecture content OR writing quiz questions about the content (Great quiz questions will be inserted into the course with credit to the author...that's YOU!).

There are a number of "How To" videos in the following section and a Bonus Session with Eugene Downing from Gym Click Media about Content Creation.

Each Weekly Section

For the program itself, I will make each module available one week at a time.

All recordings of the weekly lecture and Q and A sessions will be put under the appropriate module and can be reviewed at any time.

You will always have access to this particular mentoring program. Access to future mentoring programs is anticipated to be available to you on a low-cost subscription basis.

So please have a look around, ask me any questions or make comments below and let's get ready to rock this program!

Video and Audio Recordings of the Weekly Mentoring Videos

Each of these videos are recorded live with the Pilot Program Masterclass of The Physio Detective Way. The are the original participants and really helped me work out the technical parts of running this course (thank you team!).

Audio only is available as well for your convenience.

Just a reminder that the audio and video are for your personal use only and are not to be shared or distributed in any way.

Thank you!