Meet our teaching staff

Jenny Telfer-Crum

B.Sc in Human Kinetics (UOFG) and M.Sc in Physiotherapy (McMaster University).

About me

Jenny is a Pelvic Health Physiotherapy working out of Milton and Burlington Ontario, Canada.

Her passion is helping women to better understand and reconnect with their bodies to address their pelvic health concerns through education and exercise.

Women’s pelvic health has, unfortunately, been considered a taboo topic and has historically been overlooked in health education, our medical system, and our culture as a whole.  This means that concerns about bladder leaking, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual pain or pelvic/low back pain that have been overlooked or considered “normal” with aging or after having children.

Through Jenny’s role as a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, she has had the privilege of working with women to identify and talk about these issues, as well as review how to address them through a multifaceted, holistic health approach. 

Jenny has always had an interest in women’s health and wellness concerns, including fitness, pain management, stress reduction and sexuality, and she integrates all these topics into her biopsychosocial approach with clients. Her philosophy is to help your body help itself through education, exercise and empowerment.

Graduated from a Master’s of Physiotherapy from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario in 2015, Jenny took Antony’s Female Athlete course in early 2017 and was hooked on his approach – integrating pain science, research, clinical experience and common sense to minimize fear and pain, and maximize pain-free movement and performance outcomes for clients who want to do more than kegels while lying on a bed. #peaksimplicity #dosomethingdifferent # allthesquats

Jenny went on to complete Antony’s Peak Simplicity Masterclass program in 2018 and started TA-ing with Antony in Central/Eastern Canada later that year. 

Outside of being a Pelvic Physio, Jenny enjoys singing, dancing, being outdoors and doing various forms of fitness including CrossFit.