Meet our teaching staff

Teresa Waser

Orthopedic Physio, Pelvic Health Physio and Coach. Master of Science in Physical Therapy. Passionate CrossFitter & Equestrian.

About me

Teresa Waser is a passionate educator who is driven to help healthcare and fitness professionals reignite their curiosity, challenge what they believe, and strive towards a truly biopsychosocial approach. 

Teresa is a sought after speaker who has presented at national conferences and who regularly teaches healthcare and fitness professionals worldwide on pain, pelvic health, and athletic performance across the lifespan. 

She also acts as a Senior Teaching Assistant for Antony Lo and has assisted him and co-taught on numerous iterations of The Female Athlete Level 1, 2 and Masterclass, in addition to teaching her own courses.  

Teresa is also an orthopedic and pelvic health physiotherapist who owns RX Physiotherapy in Leduc, Alberta, Canada. 

Teresa has past experience coaching running, as well as CrossFit for kids through to older adults. 

Outside of work, she’s a mother of 3 and has been a lifelong horse lover!  Teresa grew up on a farm in small town Alberta with horses never far from her side. 

Although life pulled her away from the saddle for a couple of long hiatuses, she finally found her way back to horses and she is thrilled to be presenting this seminar on the intersections of pelvic health and horseback riding!  

You can learn more about Teresa at

On Instagram, you can find her @rxphysio