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Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Stress Urinary Incontinence

Pregnancy & Postpartum <12 months


Lifting & CrossFit

Running & Impact Loading Exercises

Julie and Vicki

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Frequently Asked Questions

The consults will be released by the 1st day of each month. 

You can work at your own pace through the consultations and reflection questions over the next couple of weeks.

Submit any questions you have and vote for questions that others have submitted.

Somewhere around the 20th to 25th of each month there will be a live webinar/Q&A session.  In that session the content of the month will be delved into more deeply, the top questions will be answered, and then the session will open to a live Q&A for the remaining time.

If you are a health and fitness professional, working in pelvic health with female clients, if you are struggling to progress your female clients to moderate to high intensity exercise and if you really want to learn by seeing the concepts taught in a cost effective and organised manner that is sensitive to your time and needs then this membership is for you.

If you want to learn and grow in a worldwide community of like minded professionals, this membership is for you.

With a 30-day money back guarantee you really have nothing to lose!

Yes! You will learn a lot by watching a consultation performed by a physio who works in pelvic health. Many of the management strategies are exercise-based and can easily be applied in a fit-pro context.

We recommend 3-4 hours a month to get the most out of your membership which includes about 1 hour for the live webinar/Q&A session (although this may run overtime if there are lots of questions!)

The consults themselves are usually around 1 hour in length, however how long you reflect on them and challenge yourself is completely up to you. There is built in flexibility.

There is an exclusive Facebook group for members which is the best place for interaction. 

You can also participate in the live monthly webinar/Q&A sessions as well as comment under each part of the video.

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