Freyja Sciascia

“A big part of what I’ve learnt so far from the membership is the listening. The truely sitting and listening to a women talk about their symptoms and feelings. Another big part is learning how to reframe how I communicate to help the athlete feel true ownership.”

Lee Duncan

“I’ve been able to watch Antony in real time treating a patient and understanding his thought process. Not only that, the access to a community that shares a range of different perspectives has allowed me to learn more about other ways of thinkings.”

Terri Robertson Elder

“I’ve noticed a real difference not just in my professional life but also in my personal life as well. I feel like it has fundamentally changed the way I think about things which is really amazing and profound. I feel a lot more confident now and comfortable when dealing with ambiguity and I think that […]

Myranda Reimer

“I joined the program with an initial goal of learning more about supporting women, but I quickly learnt that the information and knowledge in the course can be extrapolated to any population that I work with in my physiotherapy practice.”

Chloe Pedley

“The educational material in the program has changed my work as a personal trainer forever and I have pushed boundaries that I didn’t even know I had. It had me questioning everything that I believed in, and questioning the things I learnt in my perosnal training certifications and I’ve become this horrible critique who demands […]

Haley Shevener

“It was really affirming and makes me really excited to take this knowledge back to my clients. I can feel more comfortable now working with them and also really look forward to building a better connection with them. Can’t wait to learn from you again in the next seminar.”

Brianna Battles

“As a coach myself who works a lot with CrossFit athletes, it was really refreshing to see such a level of interest in your seminar and women’s health and seeing everyone so open to having their beliefs and strategies challenged here. Learning from you, I could easily see how your approaches and framework can apply […]