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Watch. Learn. Discuss. Connect. Grow.

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Join the community. Analyze the consult. Ask your questions. Connect with Antony and other providers. Implement the principles. Challenge your frameworks. Improve your practice.

“The value of community, discussion and asking thought-provoking questions is what I LOVE about the Membership.”

Antony’s approach to each client is one of principles, about listening to them, identifying THEIR goals, and helping them to get closer to that goal each and every session through giving them an EXPERIENCE

It’s easy to just say – go do it! 

But what does it look like in real life with real clients with real issues

How can you do this with your clients in your practice setting?  We watch, analyze, reflect and discuss it playing out for a real female athlete with pelvic health concerns in the Membership!  

Together we keep up to date with current topics of concern for our female clients, implement the principles from The Female Athlete courses, discuss current research, brainstorm sticky clinical cases, and challenge our biases

None of us are perfect or can ever know it all (Antony included!), but together we encompass a huge body of knowledge, experience and wisdom!

In The Membership we utilize this community resource to support and learn from each other to provide the best care for our clients!

Monthly Content

Each month, Antony releases a recorded consultation from one of his Female Athlete courses.

You get to know a female athlete client who has bothersome pelvic health concerns (such as pain, leaking, prolapse, etc), and analyze how Antony navigates the case! #ThePhysioDetective

You can watch or listen to the consult all at once, or in bite-sized segments, whatever works best for your lifestyle and learning. There are questions along the way to prompt you to reflect on your BAAs (biases and assumptions), and better understand your BAMS (beliefs, attitudes, meanings, stories) in response to the client’s presentation and Antony’s assessment style.

At the end of the month, there is a LIVE meeting with Antony, his teaching assistants, The Female Athlete Level 1 and 2 Graduates, and other health and fitness professions to chat about the case, the principles Antony applied, and how it relates to clients that you have right now!

Often the client themselves joins us for an update on how they are doing and what they learned, too - there is so much value in hearing their experience!

Antony always drops unique clinical pearls and offers new perspectives each month.

Interesting, thought-provoking discussions are guaranteed! Get the most out of your learning from Antony through The Female Athlete Membership, and add your powerful voice to our community of empowerment-focused and exercise-positive providers! We look forward to seeing you there!

Think you might miss the Live meeting? No worries, it’s recorded so you can check it out afterwards!

Real clients, real problems, real solutions - in minutes!







+ So Much More . . .

Plus discounts on other courses hosted by My PT Education

This is seriously amazing value!

Hear what people are saying about the Membership.

Katherine Shephard, Doctorate of Physical Therapy, USA

Rivka Martin, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach, Australia

Nicola Robertson, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Canada

Jessica Ewing, Pre and Post Natal Fitness Coach, Australia

Julienne Duenas, Physiotherapist, DPT, Guam

Freyja Sciascia, Pregnancy & Postpartum Coach, New Zealand

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Why The Membership

You’ve had exposure to some of Antony’s ideas - maybe through The Female Athlete course, the Women’s Health Podcast, a keynote speech or short-course, or maybe you’ve just been stalking his content on Insta for a while - and it sparked your curiosity.

How do you apply his principles into your practice now? How do you craft your client interactions to fast-track their results and empower them along the way? How can you continue to evolve and excel as a positive, empowering resource for your female clients seeking support?

TFAM was something Antony wished he had earlier in his career - the chance to analyze real client scenarios with a variety of health and fitness professionals offering their insight, perspectives and ideas for the benefit of everyone involved.

Alone we can take small steps and can be limited by our own field of view - together we can expand our space of possibilities, consider various angles, and have new, creative and exciting ways to make meaningful impact for our clients.

If you also feel the same and can relate to this, then read on because the membership might be the resource, guidance and solution you need.

Learn by seeing it in action.

Watch the theory and principles applied in consultations with a real client.

Learn with the guidance and support of a friendly community and a MONTHLY MEETING with Antony Lo (aka The Physio Detective)

Bounce around ideas with a like minded community. Ask your questions and vote to have the top questions answered by Antony on the monthly Recorded Webinar. Enjoy discussion and ask your questions in a safe community space on the LIVE Monthly Meeting. Ask your questions and enjoy interacting with other health & fitness professionals from around the world in our private Facebook community.

Learn at your own pace

Learning that meets you where you are. You take what is relevant for you. Learn in bite sized chunks. Do as many as you want or as little as you want at a time.

Program Structure

Here is what you can expect from every month.

1st: A new recorded video Consultation, Updates and Reflection Questions released.
(You have 3 months to view the consult, so there are always at least 3 consults available)

Any Time: Ask your questions & share your thoughts within the safe space of the private Facebook community or privately through the learning platform.

End of Month: Catch up with the community at the LIVE Monthly Meeting.
Ask your questions and share your thoughts.
(The meeting is recorded for those who cannot attend)

Compare the Value of Individual Consults vs The Female Athlete Membership

Individual Consults

USD$ 29 For each consult
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Safe & caring community to share with anytime
  • Network with like-minded professionals from around the world
  • A recorded video consult including captions
  • Reflection questions designed to enhance your learning
  • Update videos including captions
  • Submit your own questions for discussion in the webinar
  • Common questions Recorded Webinar
  • Live Monthly Meeting
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Lifetime access to consult
  • Discounts on other courses hosted by My PT Education


USD$ 299/yr ~USD$24.92 each for 12 consults (other options below)
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Safe & caring community to share with anytime
  • Network with like-minded professionals from around the world
  • A new recorded video consult each month including captions
  • Reflection questions designed to enhance your learning
  • Update videos including captions
  • Submit your own questions for discussion in the webinar
  • Common questions Recorded Webinar
  • Live Monthly Meeting
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to each consult for three months
  • Discounts on other courses hosted by My PT Education

Join The Female Athlete Membership

Join now and get 3 consults to review!

Frequently Asked Questions

The consults are released by the 1st day of each month.

You can work at your own pace through the consultations and reflection questions over the next couple of weeks.

Submit any questions you have as you go.

Somewhere around the 20th to 25th of each month there will be a LIVE Monthly Meeting. In that meeting, the content of the month will be delved into more deeply, members can ask questions and share their thoughts, as well as getting to know one another better and sharing the ups and downs of being a professional.

If you are a health and fitness professional, working with clients who have pelvic health or pain concerns, this Membership is for you.  (No really, you’ll definitely get SO MUCH out of it!)

If you are struggling to progress your female clients from ‘rehab’/light exercise to the moderate-to-high intensity exercise  that they love (read: running, skipping, lifting, participating in sport), this Membership is for you.

If you want to learn and grow in a worldwide community of exercise-positive, knowledgeable, caring and empowing professionals, this Membership is for you.

If you want a safe space to ask questions and share your thoughts, this membership is for you.

With a 30-day money back guarantee you really have nothing to lose!

Your voice is so valuable in the Membership!

Physios learn so much from the strength and conditioning principles, exercise variety, and relationship building that fitpros excel at.

In turn, you will learn a lot by watching a consultation performed by a physio who works in pelvic health and all the discussions that follow.

Many of the management strategies are exercise-based and can easily be applied in a fit-pro context so that you can use them with your 1-1 clients and group classes! 

You won’t be alone – we have many coaches and trainers already in the membership. 

The multi-disciplinary interaction is beneficial for everyone!

The Consults themselves are usually around 1 hour in length, however how long you spend on the accompanying Reflection Questions is completely up to you. With the ability to watch back Consults & Webinars up to 2x speed, this can also reduce the time commitment if you are time poor.

We recommend 3-4 hours a month to get the most out of your Membership.  Say 1-2 hours to get through the Consult, Update and Reflection Questions, and another 1-2 hours for the Recorded Webinar and Monthly Meeting.  However, some members do less, it really is an individual experience.

Firstly, the community is very respectful and it is a safe space in which to ask questions and share thoughts.

There is an exclusive Facebook group for members which is the best place for interaction at any time during the month.

You can also participate in the LIVE monthly Meetings, as well as comment under each part of the video.

A recording of the Monthly Meeting will be made available as soon as possible and you will have access at any time whilst the corresponding Consult is available.

Somewhere around the 20th-25th of each month.  The dates will be advised within the membership.  We will endeavour to cater to most timezones, although this is no easy feat!

Yes! If you see female clients then this membership is for you. We define a “female athlete” as anyone who identifies as a female who wants to achieve their goals using moderate to high-intensity activity. If getting out of a chair is symptomatic for someone, or they can only do it twice before they have to stop, then that is moderate-to-high intensity activity for that person. The membership does have a bias towards those who have pelvic health issues.

All video recordings have closed captions burnt in, a transcript and an audio file.  We find these features are of benefit to many people!  There are also speed controls in the IoS App.

The live monthly meeting acts as a natural deadline to many Members to watch the consult by.

You have 2-3 weeks to work through the Consultation Videos (which on average is around an hour in length) which has been split into short bite-size parts varying between 2-12 minutes, so do as much or as little as you wish in a session.

There is also the option to change the playback speed of the video up to 2x faster!

Because there are closed captions, there is flexibility to watch the consults on silent when you don’t want to disturb others, or you can’t hear the audio because of a loud environment.

There is also the closed captioning document alone, so you can read the discussion like a script!

We also have audio-only files, so you may also choose to listen to the consults like a podcast instead of watching the video, too.

So many options to facilitate your experience! 

No, you don’t. 

We do recommend to get the most out of the Membership to complete The Peak Simplicity Foundations Course which is 50% off for members.

If you enjoy the membership and the topics then The Female Athlete course is a natural progression when you have the time to commit to it (it’s a 2 day course live, 4 x ½ days online), and it is also discounted for members when hosted by My PT Education.

You can join the Membership all year round.  Start anytime.  You will have access the current month’s consultation and the two previous months consults.  You can also request to join the private Facebook group as soon as you join and participate in any live Membership meetings straight away.  Access instructions are in the Membership.

No, you don’t.  But the content is aimed at the level of health and fitness professionals.

Of course!  Consults are available for 3 months from when they are released.

In TFAM, a new consult is released each month for members to watch and review.  Members get all of the features of the consult series including the consult, update(s), reflection questions, and the recorded Webinar with the answers to common questions asked about the consult.  In addition to that, members get to actually ask the questions about the consult which are then answered to become the recorded Webinar of common questions.  Members also meet LIVEonline for a Monthly Meeting to discuss the consult and other topics in a safe space, and they have access to each consult for 3 months.  Members also have a private Facebook group to ask questions and interact with each other 24/7. Members also have exclusive access to discounts on other courses and webinars hosted by MyPTEducation.  To find out more about the consult series click here.

Whilst it is helpful to have watched the consult to know what people may be referring to, it is not compulsory.  We understand people get busy!  The meeting discussion often kicks off about the current month consult but the discussion goes anywhere and everywhere, so don’t let not having time to watch the consult keep you away!  You are a valuable part of the community regardless!

Unconditional 30-Day Guarantee

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with my content and your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Antony Lo

The Physio Detective // Founder of My PT Education

I am a physiotherapist from Australia that works at the junction of Musculoskeletal, Sports, and Pelvic Health treatment, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement. 

For over 15 years, I have been on a mission to EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE and EDUCATE health and fitness professionals all over the world.

 MyPTEducation was founded upon this philosophy, and now we are proud to have over 7,000 students from over 40 countries.

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