How To Stop Leaking During Double Unders

You’ve been watching how much fluid you have been having. You went to the toilet before the WOD started. You came to the box prepared – dark leggings with a nice pattern. You have a change of clothes for afterwards, just in case. You might have put a tampon in even if you aren’t on your period […]

CrossFit, Your Pelvic Floor and Peeing During Workouts

[Reposted from The Physio Detective] This post is inspired by the video that CrossFit HQ put out, presumably with good intentions, due to an “event” during the deadlift-box jump event at the Central East Regionals [see video below]. Pelvic floor dysfunction is real and I would never make anyone feel bad if it happens…but it […]

Hip Mobility / Flexibility / Stability Drills – The Theory

[Reposted from The Physio Detective] So the upcoming 10 exercises will publish over the next 2 weeks are to help improve how your hips move. These are some of the most commonly prescribed exercises I prescribe. This post is about explaining why I give these exercises and the principles behind the process. You can take […]